Video & Audio Services

Video Digitizing, Editing, Voice Over & Duplication

Ya Gotta have Hardware

No matter what your video goal - Editing, Conversion or Duplication, everything starts with digitizing your source footage.

This beast has 20 Tb of video storage, 24 Gb of ram and a quad core intel 3.6 processor.  2 Gb on the video card....

It's setup to capture audio and video from almost any source DirectTV, DVD / Bluray, Hi 8 & VHS and pretty much any video camera.

This system is so flexable that we can do anything AV!   Give us a call and lets talk about your project today!!


Thanks to a Little Black Magic...

We got this amazing device from Black Magic Design called the Intensity Shuttle. 

Captures everything - 1080p HDMI, 720p Component and 480p S-Video.  Both in and Output!!  Had to pickup a new video editor with USB 3 built into the the MB but the incredible flexibility is worth it.

The actual capture and editing software is the industry standard Avid Studio Pro and Avid Media Composer running on a beast of a windows 7 edit bay.

...if your project needs more hardware than we have on hand, we get great rates from some of the biggest rental houses in LA!

Microphones and The M-Box!!!

A good microphone is required for just about any multimedia project.  Voice Over's and Live Instrument Capture cant happen without them!!

We bought the best!  In-house we have the iconic Rode NT1 for broadcast quality work, and a series of AKG and Sure 58's and 59's.  Industry standards for Voice and Instrument capture...

Once you have the source setup - you need a capture - and there is no better way to connect a Mic to a computer than the M-BOX.   The actual capture software for this is the Industry Standard ProTools!!!



Still and Video Photographic Services

Video Cameras

Oh Look - its a Sony HD Video camera and an cameraman... Sooo hard to find in LA!!! 

No, seriously this is a State of the Art Sony HD Video Camera, Tripods, Shotgun Mic, Filters and Lights - Pretty much every gadget Sony offers - and we know every setting and every button!!!!

This Sony HD Video camera allows capture of 6000 minutes of True HD 1080P video and 12mp stills straight to Internal Hard drive.  HDMI, Component and USB outputs allow for easy import and editing.

Infra Red settings for 0 lux night video - Steady Shot and a 24X optical zoom

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