Scanning & OCR

High Speed Document Scanning / Imaging

Buried in Paper?  With 2 of these in-house, can scan in 80 pages per minute!  The server that processes the images can convert those images to text even faster!! will come to your Medical Office or Law firm and convert everything from your Patient Medical Records to stacks to Depositions to Searchable text.  Security is guaranteed by the fact that your data never leaves your office.

The actual image of that page is then overlaid with the text output from the OCR process - providing the best of both worlds.  Simple Adobe Acrobat Viewer is all that is needed!!

Graphic Scanning / Imaging

Large(er) Format Scanning

Every Office that has a Multifunction Printer has a scanner.  So - what do we offer? Same thing - just Bigger and Faster!!  This Plustek flatbed scans in at a true 1200dpi in sizes up to A3 or 12" x 18". This means that News Papers and large size magazines like "Elle" can be imaged with no stitching.

...if your project needs more hardware than we have on hand, we get great rates from some of the biggest rental houses in LA!

Slide & Negative Scanning / Imaging

Hi Resolution Imaging of Slides and Original Negatives requires a great scanner.   There a many available but this is my favorite - the CanoScan F8000.  Optical resolution up to 4800dpi x 2400dpi (true optical resolution!!!) allow amazingly sharp images from even old or damaged originals.