Secure Service Bureau

What is a Secure Service Bureau? is basically your office's secure off site E-Document, Printing, Scanning and Video edit and duplication Facility. can proudly say that we have been the preferred Secure Service Bureau to some of the biggest names in Business and the Entertainment industry since 1995. 

For DreamWorks, we were their off-site script scanning and processing department for 3 years - scanning in their library of more than 6000 scripts which we then OCR'd and imported to computer based script editing software. 

Saticoy Lemon Corp used our E-Document services to create Print On Demand MICR Checks for 25,000 employees per week.  Santa Ana Unified School district used our E-Doc services to create their Report Cards and is saving 30,000/yr as a result.


For world famous plastic surgeons Dr. Fisher and Dr. Ellenbogen - We are the service trusted to convert their HIPAA Protected Before & After Patient Pictures into Printed Photo Books and Website optimized & watermarked graphics.

But what is the secure part?

In today's world, any personal or business data that gets out - gets out big time. Within seconds of its theft, Photos, Documents, Video and more can be distributed throughout the internet - everywhere from China to Next door, Facebook to Twitter, TMZ, CNN, Pirates Bay...

So how do you get that most secure data processed?  Short run Printing and Basic Video Capture, Editing & Duplication are all requirements of daily business and are all prime opportunity's for your original source data to leak out. has the in-house Hardware & Software to take on any project in a way that guarantees your data wont get out.  Our internal infrastructure includes 8 dedicated workstations and 3 Servers, Task specific Printers & Scanners including Color Laser and Large Formats, and the best equipped Audio Video Edit Bay on the Westside!!! 

Basically - We can guarantee the security of your data because it NEVER leaves our offices.